Join us

I have a fully funded PhD scholarship (including stipend) available for a maths or stats student (or related field) looking at using the upcoming deluge of data to drive smart decisions for agriculture. This PhD will be co-supervised by Tristan Perez, who works on dynamical control systems, and Helen Thompson, who has significant expertise in spatial statistical modelling. The work will be in collaboration with CSIRO and Data61.

I have an upcoming opportunity for a PhD top-up studying optimal management of river network connectivity when you’ve got one species you want to keep around, and one species that you need to control. How those opposing goals interact spatially is a really interesting problem. This PhD will be co-supervised by Erin Petersen, and will be in collaboration with the US Forest Service.

I’m always interested in chatting with prospective undergrad, honours, PhD students, and postdocs. Please give some of our work a read, and contact me explaining your background and interests. Students should consider applying for one of the various scholarships QUT supports.

Prospective post-doctoral scholars should consider applying for an ARC DECRA, or the McDonnell Foundation’s complex systems post-doctoral fellowship.