Research group

Post-doctoral researchers

Dr Helen Mayfield
Bayesian network modelling of land-use policy effectiveness
Stakeholders: Office of the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland Department of Environment and Science

PhD Students

Grace Heron (Primary supervisor)
Quantifying the value of information from new monitoring tools in Antarctica
Stakeholders: Australian Antarctic Division, ARC Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Futures Centre

Grace Robinson (Primary supervisor)
Modelling and optimising global sustainable land use

Ignacio Gonzalez Aravena (Associate supervisor)
Multi-criteria decision-support for selecting sustainable waste processing technologies
Stakeholders: Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Shamika Prasadini (Associate supervisor)
Models and optimal management of invasive and threatened species using stochastic differential equations

Oakes Holland (Associate Supervisor)
Network approaches for invasive species in Antarctic marine systems
Stakeholders: Australian Antarctic Division

Ryu Lippman (Associate Supervisor)
Optimal deployment of reef restoration activities in the Great Barrier Reef
Stakeholders: Australian Institute for Marine Science, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program

Honours Students

Megan Cunliffe (Primary supervisor)
Spreading risk when investing in new technologies for biodiversity conservation

Kanu Agarwal (Associate supervisor)
Optimal spatial management of Crown of Thorns Starfish 


Dr Jacinta Holloway
PhD, graduated 2021
Machine learning tools for analysing remotely sensed land-use data

Dr Martin Péron
PhD, graduated 2018 (Outstanding Thesis Award awarded to top 5% University wide)
Partially observable Markov decision processes for optimal invasive mosquito management

Jessie Roberts
Masters by Research, graduated 2019
Communicating quantitative risk to aid non-expert decision-making

Rachael Smith
Masters by Research, graduated 2018

Tace Stewart
Undergraduate summer research, 2019 and 2020

Izzy Parfitt
Undergraduate summer research, 2019

Ambalika Nandha
Undergraduate summer research, 2019

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