Useful links

You can read more about the work we do at the Australian Research Council Centre for Excellence in Environmental Decisions in our free monthly magazine Decision Point. It’s (almost) all of the research that CEED produces written as short, accessible pieces with pretty pictures.

The Writer’s Diet gives an assessment of samples of your scientific writing to direct you to the areas you need to improve. Mick McCarthy from the University of Melbourne wrote a great blog post about the site. It’s a great way to unlearn the dense, report-style writing we picked up as undergrads.

Journals ranked by impact factor, sorted by field. Requires a Web of Knowledge login.

Cindy Hauser’s monthly Recommended Reading blog is always well worth a browse for conservation and science links that you might have missed on Twitter.

I subscribe to the Ecolog-L mailing list to find out about postdocs and academic jobs in ecology and conservation (mainly based in the US).

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